Do you avoid wearing blusher for fear of looking like Aunt Sally or like you have just been for a five mile run?

Choosing the right shade of blusher for your skin tone is very important. When you find the right blusher it will give your skin a radiant glow and complete your makeup. Of all the beauty products, blush is one of the most effective at changing your whole look – just a pinch can make you look healthier and more youthful. I’ve given some top tips on how to use blusher which I hope you find helpful.

Top Tips

1. Add your favourite blush to the cheeks before you apply foundation for a glow that looks like it’s coming from beneath the skin. A bright, warm pink at the apple is perfect for any complexion.

2. Use your face shape to determine the best application technique. Blush affects the way your bone structure looks, which means you need to take your bone structure into account before applying it. For example, for a round face, blush should be applied to the apple of the cheek. The application should be graduated – always blend out and up without adding extra product.

3. Blush should recreate an inner glow, so it’s best to stay close to your own skin tone. If you’ve got pink undertones go for peaches. In my experience peachy-pink goes with nearly every complexion. I use this tone on almost all of my clients. Peach tones recreate a natural, healthy flush whereas pink and blue-toned blushers make more of a statement.

4. Choose the desired texture. For me, powders are a classic look. However, I also love the Clinique Chubby Cheeks as its waxy texture gives a fresh look. Just make sure if you are using a waxy/creamy texture blusher that the product is warm so it melts into the skin and doesn’t make your foundation patchy.

5. For a heathy flush, as well as on your cheeks, add a little blush on either side of your hairline, just under your eyebrows and on your chin. It’s a supermodel tip!